September 14 , 2018
A new PPV hanging movie "Fatal" starring Brooke Cherbourg has been released.

August 1 , 2018
We have released the second part of the PPV bagging movie "Despairs" starring Tina Hardis.

July 18 , 2018
A new PPV bagging movie starring Shakira has been released.

June 27 , 2018
We have released a new PPV movie starring Brooke Cherbourg. There is no mercy when she is electro tortured. Her helpless screams do not help!

May 29 , 2018
We have released a new PPV movie starring Chanel Arianda!

April 19 , 2018
We have released a new PPV movie starring Shakira Amin!

March 30, 2018
A new PPV movie has been released, starring Tina in a horrific execution.

March 10, 2018
A new PPV hanging movie has been released. Tina and Chanel have to hang in "One Days Job".

We will remaster some of our older movies to provide the better quality to meet todays video standards (and the higher resolution in HD 960x720 pixel!) These movies will be marked

The members area has been changed!

Now there are twelve Galleries (approx. 800 x 525 px) and one high resolution Gallery (approx. 1900 x 1250 px). The high resolution and two of the galleries will be updated once every week.

Now, for more convenient download, all the pictures are included as a Zip file on the first page of every set.

Due to the large scale updates every week the updates will not be announced on this News Page anymore.


Please note that the images on this page's border are for illustration purposes only. These exact images may not necessarily be found in the members area as this area is being updated on a weekly basis.