Is this a porn website?

It is important to understand that our genre is fantasy thrillers and not porn. We have no depictions of sexual intercourse, not real, not simulated. We use various degrees of nudity and our materials are as explicit as many popular mainstream movies which are available at video stores or even run on TV. Take "Open House", for example, where you see a female being hanged fully nude, so let's call it erotic scary movies...

Can I try at home what I see on your website?

NO, you can absolutely NOT to try this at home! There is NO SAFE WAY for a person to hang by the neck even for one second or get choked or strangled without the RISK OF SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. The only way we can do this is trough the use of special effects and very expensive equipment, making it IMPOSSIBLE for you to recreate any of our scenes. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

What's inside the members area?

Every week three of the thirteen Galleries
are updated. Every Gallerie as at least 200+ Pictures, often more than 500 pictures. For convenience every single gallerie has a download now ZIP file on the frist page, . This is not the type of "huge" archive full of old crap that other websites advertise but it features our original EWP sets. It is a rotating system and ALL older sets will reappear here.

How many pictures are inside the members area?

The number of pictures varies. The minimum number of pictures per set that we advertise is 200 pictures per set. However, our sets are much larger than that. Sometimes we have sets with twice as many pictures.

What size are the pictures inside the members area?

The pictures in our weekly updates are 800 x 525 pixel in size. We also have a folder with a high resolution picture set that is updated weekly.

What if I forget my password?

Go to the login page by clicking on "Members", then on "Login". Enter your username or the registered e-mail address and your password will be sent to you.

I've got blocked from the site - what's going on?

There are several possible reasons:

1. PASSWORD HACKING ATTEMPTS. You may have entered an incorrect username or password too many times. Usernames and passwords are cAsE sENSitiVe so if you can't log in, please pull up the confirmation e-mail we have sent you and enter the data exactly as shown in this e-mail. If you can't find it, don't keep guessing but just contact us for assistance. One very common mistake is to try to download a PPV with the members area username which cannot work because you choose a unique username for each PPV you buy. Please also read the paragraphs regarding PPVs on this page.

2. USE OF STOLEN OR SHARED PASSWORD. You may have been blocked for a password sharing violation. Sharing access codes is a violation of our terms of use and we have a security system in place which detects logins from different geographical locations and ISPs and blocks such accounts immediately. Please note that we ban password traders from all our sites permanently. We know all the tricks so just don't f*** with us :-) Now what if you're an airline pilot or just love traveling? No problem, our system has built-in tolerances for this type of login behavior.

3. USE OF PROXY SERVERS. You may have been blocked while surfing the site because you have used an anonymizer application to surf the web privately. This site does not allow the use of anonymizer programs or proxy servers in general.

4. USE OF DOWNLOAD HELPERS. You may have been blocked while downloading pictures because you have used a download helper program. Seemingly convenient, these programs use a large number of connections simultaneously to download the same file, thereby speeding up the download of our picture sets. However, depending on how your application works, our system may interpret this as account sharing or hacking and block your account, so please just don't use them.

Why are we doing all this? To keep the site secure and running smoothly and to protect our loyal customers from cheaters, password traders, hackers and other scumbags. Remember: without this protection, a hacking attack could bring the entire site down and nobody would have access at all, so we hope you understand that we are forced to use this technology. If you have any concerns or questions or have been blocked in error, please e-mail us.

When I join or buy a PPV, I don't see a lock symbol or get warned about a non-secure connection. Is this secure?

Yes, our signup procedure IS ALWAYS SECURE and uses industry standard SSL encryption, the lock may just not be visible because of the frames used in our site's design. If you'd like to check, please just open the signup page in a new window and your browser will display the lock symbol on each page of the actual signup process.

I have signed up for a membership or bought a PPV but my password doesn't work

When you login, please remember that usernames and passwords are cAse SEnsiTIVe. This means, for example, that BigBoy123 is NOT the same as bigboy123. You will only be able to login if you enter your username and password exactly as registered.

Please be aware that each PPV requires a unique username and password which you choose during the purchase so any other username (such as for the members area or a previously purchased PPV) will not let you download any new purchase.

If you can't login, don't keep guessing but look up the confirmation e-mail we have sent you and enter your username and password exactly as shown. If you have not received a confirmation email, please check the following:

- our confirmation e-mail may have been filtered out by your anti-spam settings - please check your spam folder and adjust your spam filter

- your e-mail inbox may be full - please check and adjust your e-mail quota

- you may have misspelled your e-mail address during signup - please e-mail us for assistance and include your username.

To log in to the members area, please go to and follow the links on the website. Enter the site, then click on "Members", then on "Login" and enter your username and password as prompted. Depending on your browser, you may be prompted for your username and password twice to reach the members area.

Can I use mobile devices?

It depends on your device. In general we can only advice NOT to use mobile devices.

I like your content but I don't want to be rebilled automatically. Do you have a non-recurring membership?

You can cancel your new membership immediately after signup, so you will not be rebilled. Because you can cancel at anytime there is no need for a non-recurring membership.

How do I cancel a membership?

You can simply use the "Cancel" link provided on our signup page. In the red navigation bar on the left side of your screen, just click on "Join", this takes you to the signup page. Scroll down the page and click on the cancel link and the cancellation form will come up. Please fill in all the required information before you submit the form. Or simply send us an email to including your username. If you don't, we will not be able to identify your membership and we will not be able to cancel it. Please contact us if you don't receive a confirmation e-mail within 48 hours after sending your cancellation. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CANCEL 48 HOURS BEFORE THE NEXT SCHEDULED REBILL.

I see that you offer PPV movies as well - can I download these if I sign up for a membership?

No, PPV downloads are not included with in membership but if you are a member of, you save $5.00 on every PPV purchase. Standard PPVs are 29.95 for non-members and 24.95 for members; Some GoldSeries PPVs are 34.95 for non-members and 29.95 for members. If you have a current membership, you can order a PPV at the reduced price by clicking on "PPV" in the red navigation bar and scroll down the PPV Information page. Then click on "MEMBERS" and enter your members area username and password as prompted. This will take you to a PPV order page which reflects the reduced pricing.

Do I have to be a member of to buy a PPV movie?

No, you don't. But we offer a $5.00 discount on each PPV purchase for our members. To buy a PPV movie at the reduced price, click on the "PPV" button, which will take you to the PPV area. Please be sure to read all the information provided there. On the bottom of that page, click on "MEMBERS" and log in with your membership username and password and you will be taken to our current selection of PPVs at the reduced price. If you don't have a valid username and password and you click on "NON-MEMBERS" you will be taken to an identical page which offers the same PPVs at the standard price.

Is it correct that I can only view a PPV movie for two days?

No, this is not correct. You will have access to the file for two days, which means that you have two days to download it to your hard drive. This is NOT streaming video but a downloadable file so you can save the movie to your computer or a CD and watch it whenever you want.

I have purchased a PPV movie, now how do I download it?

To download a PPV movie that you have already paid for, just go to and enter the site. In the navigation bar on the left side of the screen click on "PPV", scroll down and click on either "Non Members" or "Members" (if you click "Members" you will first have to enter your Members Area username and password before you get to the PPV selection page but this step is unnecessary if you just want to download). In the PPV overview page that is coming up, click on the picture of the PPV you have purchased. The page for the individual PPV is coming up, scroll down and look for the "Download Now" link. If you use Internet Explorer on a Windows computer, right-click the "Download Now" link and choose the "Save target as.." command. If you are a Macintosh users, you may have to press CTRL, click the "Download Now" link and choose the "Download Link To Disk" command. Enter your username and password as prompted (user/pass for this PPV, NOT your user/pass for an existing membership that you may or may not have). After saving the movie to your hard drive, you can play it anytime by double clicking it.

Important PPV information for Apple Macintosh users

We have learned that Apple users may experience a problem when downloading .mp4 files. If your Macintosh has Apple's new operating system "Tiger" installed and you are using Apple's Safari browser, .mp4 files may be downloaded as what appears to be text files which are not recognized by your player. This is easily corrected by renaming the downloaded file to it's correct format. Example: if you have downloaded sampleppv.mp4.txt, edit the file name by removing the .txt extension, thereby renaming the file to it's correct name: sampleppv.mp4

I have downloaded my PPV movie but I have only received a smaller segment. What's wrong?

Obviously your connection broke down during the download. Before you try again, make sure you are using a stable high speed connection and deactivate any firewall application you may have installed during the download.

What format do you use for the PPVs and how do I play them?

Our PPVs come in MPEG format with at least 320 x 240 pixel resolution or in RealVideo format with 720 x 576 pixel resolution. We strongly recommend using QuickTime and RealPlayer to play our PPVs. We also provide a link where you can get the latest version of both players player free for Windows and Mac on the GoldSeries information pages.

I have downloaded the movie but it does not play with sound - what's wrong?

If you have downloaded the video data, you also have the audio data because these are all in one file and it's impossible to download one without the other. Your are probably using Realplayer or some other application to play it, we suggest you use QuickTime to play the file.

If I join for a membership or buy a PPV, what will my credit card statement say?

We will bill you discreetly and all charges will show on your credit card statement as "P S I E U R O B R I D G E".

How will you handle my data?

Your credit card data and all personal information is stored securely and is only used to process your memberships with We do not sell e-mail addresses, we don't spam and all your data are strictly confidential.

Can I order custom videos or photos?

No. Due to the recent increase in production cost and especially the model fees, we do not accept orders for custom work.

Can I send you a check or money order to pay for my movie order or my membership?

No, we don't accept snail mail orders.

Can I send in my comments and suggestions?

Sure. Any ideas are highly welcome and we love to hear what you would like to see. We frequently discuss our members' comments and try to use your input in our work as often as possible.

What is the delivery time for your full length VHS tapes?

This depends on your postal service and your location but we try to get every order shipped within one week after receipt of your order.

I have sent you an e-mail and have not received a reply yet - what's up?

We respond to e-mails in a very timely manner, well, except for some completely insane requests... If you have not received a reply, it's very likely that our reply has been filtered out by anti spam settings for your e-mail account, so please check your spam folder and the relevant settings and make sure to write us only from an e-mail account that we can actually reply to.

Due to the rapid increase of spam all across the internet, a lot of email gets blocked. Depending on your internet provider and your email service, this may include emails from us. We'd like to assure you that we will never ever spam or send any unsolicited correspondence, so please put, and in your address book or known sender list to make sure you receive messages from us.

If you have any questions that are not answered above or any problems using this website such as login, billing or download questions, please e-mail us immediately! Most problems can be solved very quickly and we do our very best to respond to your messages in a quick and efficient manner

Please send your e-mail to: